Carbo Concentrator in Potato Production Management

What is Carbo Concentrator?

Carbo Concentrator is a liquid mixture of trace elements including Molybdenum, Cobalt, Boron, and Zinc. These trace elements are essential to the production of carbohydraes and the movement of simple sugars to roots and fruits to produce the polysaccharides necessary for healthy crops. This is especially true for products like potatoes, corn soybeans and alfalfa. The majority of farms are deficient in many of the trace elements required in the production of high density crops. (Available in 5 gal pails, 150/275 gal totes)


The trace elements in Carbo Concentrator are formulated to allow for maximum root growth and crop production. The zinc and cobalt are formulated specifically to help allow growers to push the fertility and production of their potato crop without being concerned about poor solids.

How much CARBO CONCENTRATOR do I use and when?

Carbo Concentrator is applied at a rate of two quarts per acre, two times 5-10 days apart about 3 weeks before vine kill.