Aroostook Testing and Consulting Laboratory is a Microbiological, Environmental, agricultural and Natural Resource laboratory that was founded in 1978. We provide our clients with professional analytical and scientific services.  Along with these services, we also provide product development and product verification services for agricultural and natural resource products.

ATC Labs Provides:


Soil Testing

  • Crop Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Analysis

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Water Testing

  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Residential Water Testing
  • Microbiological Prevention Products

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Air Quality Testing

  • Indoor Air quality testing
  • Indoor air quality remediation

Agricultural consulting

Crop consulting:  ATC labs has been taking soil analysis, analyzing these soil analysis and developing crop plans for the past 40 years. Over those past 40 years we have developed a series of steps and rules to provide bio rational practical recommendations that will allow you to balance your soil in a fashion that takes soil health into consideration while producing a crop economically, sustainably and productively.

If you are interested in having this type of consulting practice for your farm, garden, green house or market garden please check out an example of our soil data packet (view/download): example of soil packet

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Product evaluation:  ATC evaluates all type of crop inputs for your farm. We design experiments that can fit into normal production agricultural practices. We design the experiment and collect the data in triplicate so that statistics can be applied. This service is used by larger growers determining if new products work well in there production system and this service is also used in by companies developing and marketing new products into the agricultural market Soil analytical data review and recommendation development this service evaluates the data provided by the grower, evaluates the data and develops recommendations based on our CPAC system. This service is provided on a dollar per acre as well as project fee or hourly fee

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Soil health data evaluation and recommendation development:  this service evaluates soil health data that has been conducted by ATC labs or other labs and develop recommendations and a farm plan based on this data. This service can be done on a per acre as well as project fee or hourly fee.

Information and publications

ATC labs has been doing science and agriculture for more than 40 years. In this time we have developed a great deal of knowledge and case studies that will allow our clients and customers to learn and apply what they have learned to produce more with the tools they have 

CPAc system is a system of steps and rules in soil balancing that have been defeloped over the past 40 years. These steps and rules apply basic science in a way the will produce crops from soils that are well balanced and productive

  • The CPac system can be purchased as a book and system
  • Individual chapters of the cpac system can be purchased separately
  • Individual work sheets that growers can use to evaluate the data growers have
  • The Cpac system can be purchased as an educational video product

Education: ATC labs has developed a number of educational publications that takes the methods we use in a commercial analytical labs and turns it into an education system that teaches students the importance of biology and biochemistry

  • Potato science this program is 15 chapter book that uses potatoes as a source of biological materials that allow the student to learn, biochemistry, biology, and botany.
  • Biochemical educational program includes 27 chapters or experiments that allow you to learn where and how the biochemical compounds are found in the natural world and in some cases in your kitchen
  • Enzyme experiments these are 7 experiments that discuss describe and evaluate the most common biochemical classes
  • Chemical methods these are analytical methods that have been used in our analytical laboratory for years. We have modified these methods so that they are easier to use and better designed for students to learn more easily.

Research and Development

Feasibility analysis for product development. ATC LABS has does analytical work to evaluate products and businesses feasibility analysis

Soil testing

Soil Nutrient analysis using the CPAC system. ATC labs has conducted soil analysis for 4 decades.

We apply our analytical methods as well as develop recommendations using our CPAC system method.

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Soil health evaluation ATC labs conducts soil health evaluations for more than a decade. ATC labs is unique in this market in that we can provide practical recommendations using the data produced Fill out the information sheet if you would like a quote or more information on this service

Soil microbiological analysis ATC lave conducts soil microbiological analysis including beneficial microbes as well as pathogenic analysis

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Water testing