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Welcome to Currie Chemical Company

Welcome to Currie Chemical Company’s new home page. As you can see, we have totally redesigned the site with the customer in mind. We hope that you will take a look around and see how easy it now is to buy our products with our new integrated shopping cart.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best agricultural nutrient products as well as soil and plant amendments. We are confident that our organic product line, as well as our Ozone equipment line for vegetable storage will be everything you are looking for.

If there is anything we can do to provide you with further assistance, don’t hesitate to call us directly, or by email.

Ozone Products

  • High Quality Ozone Products
  • Produce Washing
  • Cold Storage
Ozone Products

Turf Products

  • Plant Defense
  • Promote Plant Growth
  • Fertilizers
Ozone Products

Organic Products

  • Insecticidal Spray
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Build Soil Nutrients
Ozone Products

 Agricultural Products

  • Plant Defense
  • Promote Plant Growth
  • Fertilizers

Animal and Pet Products

  • Insect Repellant
  • Equine Feed Supplement
  • Canine Feed Supplement
  • Chicken Feed Supplement

Dr. C's Garden Products



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